About Waldo County Republican

Maine Republicans are united in our guiding principles. Our strength lies in knowing that Republican ideals will maintain our country as the strongest nation on Earth. 

Our tenets include respect for the U.S. constitution, personal responsibility and accountability, peace and prosperity through strength, and limiting federal and state government power to only those functions they can administer better than the private sector can. 

Republicans believe in less government, lower taxes and a responsible fiscal policy that is able to protect our neediest citizens, maintain the Maine quality of life and balances jobs and the economic growth with responsible environmental practices. 

The mission of the Maine Republican Party is to help Republican candidates win elected office from the school board to the White House to ensure that our children and their children continue to live in a state and a nation of opportunity.

Executive Board

Robert Hanish, Chair Tel: 567-3391, Cell: 323-2639,
Email: roberthanish@gmail.com

Rita Horsey, Vice Chair Tel: 338-1228, Cell: 322-9146,
Email: ritahorsey@roadrunner.com

Joan Snow, Corresponding Secretary Cell: 322-4735,
Email: revivalinme@yahoo.com

Cheryl Parkman, Treasurer Tel: 993-2207, Cell: 458-9954,
Email: cparkman@fairpoint.net

Shirley Smith, State Committee Woman Tel: 589-4175,
Email: shimo@fairpoint.net

Peter Weston, State Committee Man
Email: pweston4849@yahoo.com

Ryan Harmon, Financial Secratary